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Nudism Community, Nudism Community

Nudism Community

Nudism Community is a group of nudism who choose to live together on a permanent basis whilst avoiding wearing clothes,  a Nudism Community is a community that consists of many naturists or nudism who desire to live together. These people do not wear clothing in their day-to-day lives. There are several reasons why one may choose to engage in this behavior, but most often it is in order to honor the natural beauty of the body. Nudism Communities are also known as nudism colonies.

Nudism is the state of wearing no clothing. The wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic. The amount of clothing worn depends on functional considerations (such as a need for warmth or protection from the elements) and social considerations. In some situations the minimum amount of clothing (i.e. covering of a person’s genitals) may be socially acceptable, while in others much more clothing is expected.

People, as individuals and in groups, have varying attitudes towards their own nudity. Some people are relaxed about appearing less than fully clothed in front of others, while others are uncomfortable or inhibited in that regard. People are nude in a variety of situations, and whether they are prepared to disrobe in front of others depends on the social context in which the issue arises.

If you’re looking to find the Nudism community near you, you’ve come to the right place, here are some nudism community location.

White Thorn Lodge
383 State Line Rd
Darlington, PA

White Thorn Lodge is Western PA’s premiere nudist resort. The grounds are very clean, the people are all very friendly and accept new comers as if they were long time friends. The weekend activities are great! Don’t miss the Nude Super Bowl of Volleyball held annually the weekend after Labor Day.

Woodlot Naturist Retreat
14609 Nelson Rd
Woodstock, IL

Very secluded place in the woods. Great opening to the sun, large lawn overlooking a pond. Visited on a gorgeous day. Great to lay naked in the sun and get wild. Highly recommend.

Cedar Trails Retreat
11 Cow Run Rd
Peebles, OH

Nice place. Small, friendly people. Not clothing optional. Nudism required. Heated pool, volleyball, hot tub, sauna, cafe, picnic and camping areas, fishing lake. Dances each Saturday and other organized activities throughout the summer. Reasonable day visit and camping fees.

Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow is a privately-owned nudist colony open from Memorial Day until Labor Day and beyond as long as the weather permits. It boasts of its very warm hospitality as well as its very serene environment. If you want a quiet escape from the stress of a busy work place, the rustic charm of this resort will surely give you a quiet nude relaxation.

Contact Information

1301 West State Street
New Castle, Pennsylvania 16101

Phone: 814-432-8606 or

Email: brokenarrownudist@hotmail.com

Location: This club is situated in the lush forest part of Pennsylvania about seven and a half miles south of Franklin. Commercial establishments like the Super 8 motel, Comfort Inn, restaurants, groceries, fast foods.

Penn Sylvan Health Society, Inc

Penn Sylvan Health Society, Inc. is a nudist colony which you will find in Mohnton. This nudist resort offers you a year-round of nudist recreation for the enjoyment of its guests and members. Anybody who is open to celebrate and welcome the wholesomeness of the naked nude is welcome to join the club. This resort is peacefully nestled in 130 acres of green and beautifully secluded woodland with a variety of amenities to ensure that you have a convenient and fun-filled stay all the time. It has two heated swimming pools – one out door and the other one, indoor. All its guests may enjoy the sauna and the hot tub. If you’re a big sports fan, you can sweat it out anytime! Just head off to the tennis court , volleyball court, badminton or shuffleboard court. Here at Penn Sylvan Health Society, Inc., you are sure to find the perfect nudist getaway that you need both for your relaxation and recreation.

Contact Information

5028 Camp Road
Mohnton, Pennsylvania 19540

Phone: 717-445-6330

Website: www.pennsylvan.net

Email: pshs@epix.net

Location: You will find Penn Sylvan in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. It is located only minutes away from the Lancaster Country Line. Nearby, you will see a wide range of outlet centers – Hershey Park, Dorney Park. The heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country is also very much

Sunny Rest Lodge

The Sunny Rest Lodge is a nudist colony which you will find in Palmerton. It boasts of its resort atmosphere with a variety of activities almost every weekend. Sunny Rest Lodge caters to singles, couples as well as families. Its campground is kept busy – with patrons of the nudist lifestyle – eagerly yet wholesomely celebrating and upholding the naked nude while enjoying the sun and the outdoors. This club enjoys the loyalty of several regulars but everyone is always welcome to join. Here at the Sunny Rest Lodge, everybody is sure to enjoy a quiet relaxation as well as a fun-filled recreation.

Contact Information

425 Sunny Rest Drive
Palmerton, Pennsylvania 18071

Phone: 610-377-2911

Website: www.sunnyrest.com

Email: sunnyrest@sunnyrest.com

Location: This nudist campground is nestled on 190 acres of partially lush forest. It rolls on hills which makes it an ideal spot for quiet thinking. Hiking trails are also present so you if you long to be one with nature.

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